Wildflower wintersowing
St Johns wort - Hypericum perforatum
Small burnet -Sanguisorba minor
Agrimonia eupatoria - Common agrimony / Church steeples
Verbascum thapsus -Common mullein
Chicorium intybus -Chicory
Oenothera erytrosepala -Large flowered evening primrose
Artemisia vulgaris - Common wormwood
Centaurium erythraea - European centaury
Linaria vulgaris - Common toadflax / Butter and Eggs
Scabiosa columbaria - Dove pincushions
Dipsacus sativus - Indian teasel
Achillea millefolium -Common yarrow / milfoil
Linum grandiflorum -Scarlet flax (This is not common in the area, it came from a package of mixed seeds I sowed)